Prices as of August 2011

Focus is on full management of Internet properties, including web addresses (domain management), DNS, email, spam filters, design, hosting, marketing, SEO and SEM.

EMAIL and HOSTING are separate.
Email is NOT included in Hosting cost, unless specifically noted. Why? Because everyone’s needs for email are different. Some just use their AOL address, some just forward to their Yahoo address, while others need full syncing with Outlook and their mulitple mobile devices.

All prices include our Personalized Support as needed.*
All prices subject to change without notice (basically because this page might not get updated often)

Domain Names and DNS Management - $25/yr

Registration of Web addresses, and annual renewals
Domain record management, maintaining contact info
DNS management as required

Email - $75/yr or $15/mo

Depends on needs, and therefore pricing may vary.
Price includes Domain Name renewal and management ($25)/yr, and Email Administration for your Web Address - ($50/yr)
Email may be basic POP3, or Google Apps Standard.

Google Apps for email, plus contacts, and Google Docs.
Google Apps Standard allows 10 users (email accounts) for free, minus 1 user for admin account (sevensages)

Google Apps for Business - $50/yr per user/email, or $6/mo per user (email account)
monthly slightly more than offered by Google directly, due to extra administration.


(email not included - see above for email options)

Simple HTML Hosting - $100/yr or $15/mo (monthly auto-pay)
(no php or databases - no scripts)
Can use FTP or software like Dreamweaver to update site.
Site is self-managed.
[Domain Management not included]

Managed Website - $299/yr or $40/mo (monthly auto-pay)
Site designed* and maintained by Seven Sages.
All updates to website handled by Seven Sages at hourly rate.
* Initial site design not included in price. Site design costs vary depending on need.

CMS Website with editing capabilities - $399/yr or $50/mo (monthly auto-pay)
Site developed* in Joomla, an Open Source Content Management System, to allow for editing and adding of content.
* site development not included in price.
Joomla updates managed by Seven Sages to ensure security of server.
Special Joomla extensions and plugins may require extra charges for updates as needed.

Business Hosting with PHP scripting - $499/yr or $60/mo
Self-managed, full hosting with access to multiple mySQL databases and PHP scripts.
Basic server security patches taken care of. Webmaster should keep track of security updates as some server patches may affect older PHP scripts.

Ecommerce with SSL - $995/yr or $100/mo

Other services

Marketing - Google Analytics setup, Mailing Lists, Search Engine Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, Google), Sitemap Submission

Seven Sages is not a replacement for a good in-office Network Administrator and Computer Support person. We will work with them to help give you the most efficient cost-effective solution to your issue.

Nothing is more expensive than trying to save a buck.