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Finally, a simple solution for the small and large office. Secure, reliable storage and backups, offsite and accessible online as needed. At affordable prices. How's $1 per GB storage sound? Unlimited computers on one account?

Download Backup Software

Online Storage / Backup Client

  • Well tested and easy to use Backup client
  • Unlimited online storage integrated directly into the operating system
    (maps the online storage to a local drive)
  • Supports an unlimited number of files and folders with files up to 5GB in size
    (a 5GB is larger than a DVD image file, so size shouldn't be an issue)
  • Support for automatic timed backup
  • Optional encryption
  • Local caching for fast access
  • Support for Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • Regular updates with new functionality and fixes (if required)

Simple Pricing Model

All billing and service pricing are handled with monthly invoices, at a simple price.

  • $5/mo, includes 5GB of storage.
  • Additional storage at $1 per GB
  • example:
    • store up to 5GB - $5
    • store 6GB - $6
    • store 10GB - $10
    • yes, it's that simple.

Unlimited amount of computers

Unlike many other backup services, there is no extra charge for additional computers. One account can install the software on all the computers in the office, including your file servers.

Eample: 10 computers in the office, each with 1GB of data to backup, plus a fileserver with 5GB of vital data.
Total storage: 15GB (all 10 PCs plus fileserver)
Total cost: $15

Yes, it's that simple, and affordable.

Amazon S3 Storage for Reliability

There has been a lot of talk recently in technical circles about 'Cloud Computing' and 'Cloud Storage'.  Google, Microsoft, and Amazon are utilizing this technology, knowing this is the future of data storage and security. Our Storage and Backup Service uses Amazon's S3 service to securely store your data on mulitple servers.
And, it's simple. No need to have login for different websites, no need for an account at Amazon, or special codes and software scripts.  It's all taken care of. Simple.

  • No end-user S3 accounts required
  • Complete security to prevent accidental or malicious access to other users’ data

Yes, it's really that simple.

Contact us for account setup and software download. And have a look at the online Help Manual:

Oh, did we mention? Support for Windows, Mac, and Linux.
Very important for those Mac and Linux users that seem to be forgotten by developers.

After contacting us, we will setup your backup account and give you the login information. Then you can download the backup software here, install it, and you are all set. Simple, Reliable.


If you need access to your backup while away from your computer, you can login from the web:


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