Google Apps Premier Collaboration suiteLet's try Google Apps instead

Seven Sages has decided to better support our own clients, we should actually use the products. And we do not use, or know much about Exchange.  After looking around ourselves, we've moved our own personal email to Google Apps Premier Edition. We liked it so much, we became an Authorized Reseller for Google Apps.

If you are interested in using Microsoft Exchange, you really should contact a local Network Engineer specializing in Exchange. Many companies, big and small like Exchange to handle their email and messaging, even with the costs involved, so go with what works best for you.



apps_logo-blueIf you are looking for a Hosted Exchange service, and for some reason Google Apps does not appeal to you,  there is still a link below for you to try out. Review the service, and your needs. If you want, compare Exchange to Google Apps costs, and while checking costs, remember that you might be able to use the free Standard Edition.

One thing that prompted even looking at email off of our own secure servers was the increasing use of mobile devices. It seems everyone wants their email on their Blackberry or iPhone, and now the Android phones. And normal web servers don't have the syncing capabilities of advanced systems like Exchange or Lotus Notes, both with BIS (Blackberry Information Services).

With Google Apps, syncing your calendar and email is easy with your Blackberry and iPhone. And the Premier Edition of Google Apps has software to easily sync your Outlook so you can continue to use Outlook for your email.

If you find Google Apps does not give you the function you need for your business, please look into Hosted Exchange, or a local CNE.

Hosted MS Exchange 2007

An advanced, Outlook-based email and collaboration solution backed by 24/7 live customer support, hassle-free management, and 99.99% uptime.

Nothing is more expensive than trying to save a buck.