Email, Webmail, Spam Filtering, Virus Scanning

Most hosting accounts come with email, and access to webmail. But, what if you don't want a website? Why pay hosting fees if you just want email? If you just need email, we can do that for you, with Domain Email.

Domain Email

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  • Domain Name Registration and renewals. You will have a domain name like
  • Your own Personal email Address (personal or business) like name @
  • Webmail - access your mail from anywhere
  • POP3 mail - use Outlook or any Mail Client to manage your email.
  • No website. Domain points to a static search page.
  • You have your own, personal web address, which never has to change when you change ISPs.

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Spam Filtering and Virus Protection

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With the large increases of Spam recently (30% increase annually), we've focused on managing that flow for you. Approximately 70-90% of all mail managed by the servers is spam. This isn't usually a problem for new accounts, since the spammers don't have your address yet. But, they will. They always do. And when they do, ask us to turn on the filters. You should see a tremendous difference.


  • Stops approximately 95% of spam, using combination of techniques including SpamAssassin, MailScanner, ACL & SPF checks, and others evolving techniques.
  • Setup Whitelists
  • Setup Blacklists (though not effective since most spammers never send from the same address twice)
  • Many Clients see their daily junkmail volume drop from 100 a day to only 2-3 a day. Sometimes none! Imagine no spam in your mailbox.
  • Virus protection - Most viruses today are coming from websites, and not email. To help stop the spread of any malware in email before it even gets to your computer, we scan for viruses and dangerous attachements.   Yes, you still need Virus Protection Software, but our Virus blocking puts an extra layer of protection for everyone in your Network.

Note: Accounts setup prior to 2007 already have this service included in their hosting package for no additional charge. We try to lock prices/features for our loyal Clients where ever we can.

Looking for Exchange Hosting?

We do not support Exchange Hosting on our servers, but you might want to look into Google Apps for your Business.

Nothing is more expensive than trying to save a buck.