A busy few months. Besides fine-tuning (a little bit) this main site (SevenSages.com), we've been trying to organize the newer site for all the tips and marketing info.

The new site: Go-7s.com - Website Tips, Info, and Blog Marketing.

Go-7s is meant to be a repository of info for all sorts of things. We noticed that the SevenSages.com site was becoming a little cluttered, so in order to maintain a focused message here, we moved the scattered clutter to Go-7S.

A few other projects from May-June:

  • Thimage.com - redesign this site from a basic template site using a simple paypal cart, into a full shop with downloadable products.  The new design of this site now allows them to update everything themselves without relying on the previous developer.

    And, within a week, they noticed an increase in sales. (might have been a coincidence, but I'll go with the redesign)

    If looking for a healthy, all-natural way to lose weight, their Thimage program can help.

  • HarvisEducation.com - another site transferring in from another host. There wasn't anything wrong with the other host, but the clients wanted a little more hand-holding and support for when they want to update their site. Most of the design was done by them, but they need help with some of the technical stuff.  We also switched them to the .com of their name, instead of the .net. (the site is reachable using either HarvisEducation.com or HarvisEducation.net)

    Harvis Educational Learning Program
    - Servicing Pennsylvania, NJ, and Delaware Areas

  • GroundZeroTheGame.com - finished up the new site for selling a satirical board game making social and political commentary on the game-playing surrounding WTC Ground Zero site.

Nothing is more expensive than trying to save a buck.