FrontPage Extensions Removed

Due to some recent hacking attempts on the servers directed at FrontPage, and numerous defacings of websites on other servers using FrontPage, Seven Sages has removed all of Microsoft's dangerous exploitable FrontPage extensions.

Microsoft FrontPage no longer supported

Last year, Microsoft announced they will no longer support FrontPage Extensions for UNIX/Linux servers. (Seven Sages runs Linux on it's servers). Microsoft stopped their support in June 2006.

We have been supporting the extensions as long as possible, cautious of security and support issues. As the Internet community has no plans of offering support, and Microsoft itself has discontinued the FrontPage product even for Windows, Seven Sages will no longer support FrontPage.

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New Site for Kiri Davis

Just a few weeks ago, I received a call from Kiri Davis. She's a young woman who has been recognized as one of the top influential people in America.

She was calling to see if we could get a website up for her quickly. She was scheduled to be on the Oprah Show in a few days, and was hoping she could somehow get some kind of site up. She realized it was asking a lot with such short notice.

I said I'd see what I could do.

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Projects from March

In between trying to update the main site with a new design and layout, we had another busy month. The servers were updated to the latest, secure versions of PHP and mySQL, and with that we had to be careful to not break any older scripts.

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