Designing for IE6 costs extra

It's time to put the ancient, old, antique browser Internet Explorer 6 where it belongs... in the past. And if you feel you need your website designed to work with IE6, there will be additional programming costs.

stop-ie6-120x60.gifThis is not an anti-Microsoft rant. The newer IE7 is a tremendous step forward (thanks to competition from Firefox).  This is simply a matter of economics.  Web Developers waste too much time trying to get their site designs to work with IE6, and that time/cost must be pushed to the website owners.

Unfair? Just another way to make money? No. Let me explain...

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Online Backup Solutions coming soon

We are putting the finishing touches to our upcoming Online Backup Service. The service should be secure, easy to use, and affordable for the small business with multiple computers.

Emergency Disaster Planning

In the beginning of the summer, we worked with several companies to test their Disaster Plans. It's important to have a plan in case of Emergency Evacuations or any other event that may interfere with business communications.  So, we were ready for Hurricane Gustav.

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Nothing is more expensive than trying to save a buck.