AOL Forwards block (AOL's fault)

It's my fault for the horrible explanation of the AOL block, but the block is AOL's fault.

First, the issue only effects about 15 users, out of thousands of email accounts. If you haven't gotten an email from me, then you are not effected. (I thought there would be more)

Second, it ONLY effected people with an AOL account, who are having their mail forwarded from their website.

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AOL blocking email again

It seems AOL is blocking email from our servers again.
This is due to AOL allowing it's users to report any mail as SPAM, and AOL blocking NOT the sender, BUT the server it was forwarded from.

So... we are going to have to stop all forwarding of email to AOL accounts.

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New Payment Option with Google

Some people have been having trouble trying to pay via our PayPal option. For some reason, their credit cards are not getting verified and authorized.

I was on the phone with PayPal tech support for a couple hours trying to resolve the issue. PayPal has no answer except "try another credit card." So, I told them I'd try another credit card processor --- Google Checkout. [edit Nov 2013: seems Google no longer offering Checkout or Wallet for non-Google services]

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Projects from January

It's been a busy few months. New Years Resolutions, new business plans, new determination to create a website, or finally update a website.

Besides working on several websites after the new year, we are attempting to re-work our website. New look, re-organized information, more coherent explanation of services.

A few of the projects worked on this month range from full redesign, to quick simple setups of new sites.

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Projects from February

New websites. That's the theme of February. Some personal websites, some marketing websites, and a couple of interesting "Information Portal" websites.

Information Portals?
In these websites, they are simply news feeds for information related to a certain subject. It is an interesting concept, to let Google and other websites generate the information, and put it together in one place for ease of use. Some sites can be used for advertising and monetizing, but others can be simple blogs.

Here are a few recent ones:

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