Open Source CMS goes to Washington

Drupal Open Source Web Content Management System (CMS)It's not Joomla, but Drupal is in the same sort of family/community of CMS and Open Source Software. So, with the White House choosing an Open Source CMS, hopefully, companies that are stuck in the unfounded fear of Security, or worry about not using a Microsoft or Windows system will realize the benefits. More about the US Administration's choice: Open Source Movement Finds Friends at the White House

But Brian... why don't you use Drupal? Isn't it better? Well, 'better' is subjective, as a report last week at CMSwire shows Joomla as the most popular CMS...

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Joomla 1.0 at End-of-Life

It's time to put Joomla 1.0 into the history books. Joomla 1.0.x  has reached End-Of-Life (eol). What's that mean?  Simply, the old version (1.0.x) is no longer supported, and will no longer get security patches. So, in order to keep the servers secure, Seven Sages requires all websites to keep their software patched.

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Seven Sages goes Green

ssl-ev-sevensagesSeven Sages goes Green. Well, not solar panel, reduce some footprint made of carbon thingy. This is just upgrading our SSL certificate to an SSL EV Certificate, which verifies that this website is absolutely, positively, Seven Sages, LLC.

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Graphic Designer Portfolio

A friend and design associate, Judith Noisi, has updated her online portfolio. (Something I need to do eventually)

Jude's websites are created using hand coded CSS incorporating tableless designs, JavaScript and XHTML. For best browser compatibility and to ensure compliance with web standards, all of her sites are tested using the W3C HTML and CSS validator.

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Joomla Help

Joomla is a powerful tool. It can make a website much easier to manage, especially large websites, but it may also take a little bit of learning.  Not everyone can expect to just pop a site up and know what to do, just like you can't just pop someone behind the wheel of a truck and expect them to drive it well.

Stick to the Basics First in Joomla

If you are new to Joomla, stick with the basics first. How to add/edit content, and add/edit menus. Then maybe take a look at Components and Modules. Do not add a bunch of extensions in while you are learning the basics. Keep it Simple. Add/Edit. Only when you are comfortable with the simple should you look to learn more.  Below are a few helpful sites with tutorials, themes, and extensions:

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