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After years of building trust Seven Sages LLC is a BBB Accredited Business. Click for the BBB Business Review of this Internet - Web Hosting in Brookfield CT and business relationships, it was time to 'show off' with a recognized organization. So, since Seven Sages always had professional standards that mark a Better Business, we applied for BBB Accrediation.

Below is from the website:

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Fowarding mail to AOL causes Spam Block

It seems AOL is not liking people forwarding their website mail to their AOL accounts.

The practice of using your website address, like This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and having it forwarded to your AOL account might have to come to an end.

Some people do this for various reasons, but usually it comes down to "but I'm used to AOL". Unfortunately, the advanced options you have with a real website email address are lost when you stick with the old, unprofessional AOL address.

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Phishing and Fraud Attempt

They are good. The Bad Guys, I mean. They create official looking emails that look exactly like your banks email. But, of course, since they are 'Bad Guys', any info you give doesn't get to the bank. Well, eventually it does when they use YOUR info to get YOUR money.

Here is the latest example I received last week:

Bank Of America Alert: Online Access Suspension Message

Bank of America Higher Standards
(note the official logo coming directly from the bank's website)

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AOL Spam Block fixed

Email block of mail from our servers to AOL has been removed.

I had to give them a call, and register the servers with AOL. They were pretty responsive, though it's odd that it takes a couple days for them to remove the blocks. Once registered, supposedly we will be notified by AOL if there is a reported issue, instead of them just blocking us.

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