Why Blogging Is Not Great For All Websites

As I was posting about the increase in spam, I noticed that my last post was over a month ago, talking about a server outage. That's not the kind of stuff that you want staying on the frontpage. :)

This is why I recommend NOT blogging to many website owners. It takes a lot of time to regularly update a website, unless that is your job, or you  have a lot of free time managing your business.

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Short Server Outage

Many of us woke up to no email this morning due to an outage at the data center. (we have our servers at ThePlanet.com) The servers  were up and running, but network issues were limiting access to the servepowered-by-planet-logo-smallrs.

Some reports from ThePlanet techs:

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Fresh Phish and Spam

Last week it was fake confirmation email of Amazon Orders. Now we have a flood of phishing spam claiming Apple Store orders. Though most should get caught by email filters, some may get through. So, as a reminder, don't be fooled.

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Graphic Designer Portfolio

A friend and design associate, Judith Noisi, has updated her online portfolio. (Something I need to do eventually)

Jude's websites are created using hand coded CSS incorporating tableless designs, JavaScript and XHTML. For best browser compatibility and to ensure compliance with web standards, all of her sites are tested using the W3C HTML and CSS validator.

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Emergency Disaster Planning

In the beginning of the summer, we worked with several companies to test their Disaster Plans. It's important to have a plan in case of Emergency Evacuations or any other event that may interfere with business communications.  So, we were ready for Hurricane Gustav.

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