Just a few weeks ago, I received a call from Kiri Davis. She's a young woman who has been recognized as one of the top influential people in America.

She was calling to see if we could get a website up for her quickly. She was scheduled to be on the Oprah Show in a few days, and was hoping she could somehow get some kind of site up. She realized it was asking a lot with such short notice.

I said I'd see what I could do.

After looking at a few sites that she thought looked good, and learning what she was looking for, I said we could probably get a few pages up for her so she has at least something up for the Oprah broadcast. And we could work on making the site better later.

Well, for some reason I thought it would be nice to see if a full site could be done in 4 days. Let's face it. If she was going to be on Oprah, a lot of people might come to the site. So, it would be nice if it looked the best it could in a such short time.

I called upon some help. Rocky Russo (Rocky Russo Design) and Cindy Montano (Montano Designs). The three of us decided to give it a shot, and worked straight thru the weekend trying to get something 'presentable'.

Rocky worked with the photos that Kiri had forwarded, and created a nice subtle, professional look for the site. Then Cindy put together the framework of the template design, added features like a forum, blogging, and a mailing list.

Meanwhile, I'm busy working on the content, finding the streaming video from YouTube and other sites. Oh, did I mention? Kiri's film is on YouTube with over a half million views.

Eventually, somehow, we were able to pull it off, having her site 90% ready in time for her scheduled appearance on Oprah. All that work, all those hours, to get the site to be more than a few static pages... and she gets bumped by a discussion about Imus. (I wonder how his son Opie is dealing with it. Probably praying in St. Pat's with a virus t-shirt yet to be mailed)

The delay is welcomed, at least for the website. It gives us time to finish up some little bugs, and polish around the edges. I know I could use a rest. No more rush jobs for dopey me. I had to spend the rest of the week catching up on all my other work.

Hoping to see Kiri on Oprah in the coming weeks. Check out her site at www.KiriDavis.com

Nothing is more expensive than trying to save a buck.