scattered_online_profilesOne of the best reasons to have a website for your business (or even yourself) is to ensure any info out there is accurate. Whether you like it or not, your name/business is out there in multiple directories on the web. And you have no control over that.

Occasionally we Google/Bing our names to see if we have popped up anywhere, and try to keep a list of the sites with profiles for Seven Sages Website Management.  And sometimes we find one that is incredibly inaccurate...

This morning, while double-checking online profiles for a client (Divorce Attorney Profiles) I decided to do a quick search for to see if I had most of the links posted. And I found one that was way way out of touch.

Info From Last Decade

On some site called JigSaw, I found Seven Sages LLC listed, with info from probably 1999! 

Let's see what info they have on this great, professional website management company know as Seven Sages.

Seven Sages L L C -  

Correct. Yes, the website is the same. That is the great benefit of having a website name... it doesn't change when you physically change locations.

16 Indian Hill Rd
Brewster, NY, 10509-6131, United States

Seriously? I tried to keep the address a PO Box from early on, in case I moved a bit. I can allow for them having the official street address, but I left New York in 2002, after the 9/11 attacks forced my retirement from FDNY. The business moved with me.


This is crazy. I switched to a toll-free number in the 1990's so that I didn't have to worry about phone number changes as much. Now, if anyone stumbles upon this 'profile page', they might call some old number that belongs to someone else. I hope the people don't get too many calls.

Business Services: Business Services Other Manufacturing: Tools, Hardware and Light Machinery

WOW! Manufacturing? I have no idea where that came from. I might be an engineer, and be pre-med and pre-law, along with pre-death, but I, nor the Seven Sages business, have ever manufactured anything.

$0 - 1M

Yes, correct. Less than a million in revenue. Was that way in 1996, and still less than a million in 2011. I wonder how they actually know though. Did they get the info from the same place as the address and phone number?

Puzzlemaster  on 11/01/2008

How about that.  Updated just 2 years ago. Not bad. Except for the info being completely wrong.


Maintain Your Own Information Portal

7s-icon_50x50If people are looking for your business, you want them to get correct info. You have no control over these rogue directories with inaccuracies. But you can try to make sure that your own website has updated, correct info. And it doesn't hurt to point out inaccuracies on other sites. But pointing out the bad info, it shows that you care that people get correct info. 

Google yourself or your company. Make a list of all pages with info, correct and incorrect. 

Some sites allow you to 'claim' the listing and edit it. I did this for an attorney with their listing on Avvo. And I claimed the Seven Sages profiles on most of the sites that I could, like Google Places, Yellow Pages, Manta, Naymz, ZoomInfo, Plaxo and more Website Management Profiles.

It can be time consuming, so the more work you do yourself, the less expensive it will be to have a Web marketer organize it for you and put it online.


Nothing is more expensive than trying to save a buck.