I'm seeing a lot of spam coming in with subjects about Quickbooks updates, patches, and other basic fear mongering crap. I'm sure you already know not to bother with those emails, but just in case:  Do NOT act on any of these emails. Notice I'm not scaring you about opening them. I don't care about that. It's the message in them.

A lot of these scam emails work on your fears. They don't have any scripts that might get caught in the filters. Instead they rely on fear to have you follow a link or instructions to get their malware onto your computer. Remember, it is very very very unlikely you will ever get an email from software you have telling you that you need to update.  Instead, you might get an email that says there are new versions, or there are updates available. In those cases, go directly to the website yourself. Do NOT click on any links in the email. Now... get back to work. I might have another update to the website in the next 2 months. (an example of why most sites should NOT have a blog)  :)   Brian

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