Because we get back to you. And we take care of things we say we will.

Some might call that Exceptional, or maybe Professional Integrity. Or just Responsible. Whatever you want to call it, we just see it as simple courtesy to respond. Even if it's a simple response like "very busy, will respond in a couple days."

No Geek Talk

How many times have you spoken with some computer professional, and heard geeky terms like FTP, SSH, SSL, PHP, SOAP, and plenty of other STuPID_LettERS? Or your techie cousin chatting up about how easy it is to configure some super whiz-bang doot-tee-doo-dad?

Here at Seven Sages, we speak 'normal'.

  • No techie talk. We don't feel the need to sound like we know what we are doing.
  • No artists talk. You know.... the "well, I was thinking of going with a different shade and incorporating a mood"
  • No egos. We don't know it all, and that's ok. A good idea is a good idea, no matter who came up with it.

Give us a call and see if we speak normal enough for ya. Tollfree: 877-668-0110

No Sales Talk

We are not here to sell anything to you. No upsells, no overselling, no promises of Internet Riches. Instead, we offer guidance on what might work best for you and your site.

Often, we try to under-sell. What? Yes, too many people seem to want to start with a big site right away, as if that leads to greater success, quicker. But, it usually just means a bigger expense with no returns.

Most websites don't need much in terms of dedicated servers, dedicated IPs, or even newer 'Web 2.0' features like blogs. Even if the plan is a big community site with forums, blogs, galleries, and videos, it is still best to start small. Better to add to a site later, than to spend a fortune up front and find it too much to manage in the beginning. Especially if this is your first website.

Open Project Management

If we need to utilize outside work, like using a special graphic designer for your project, or custom programming, we keep the whole process open. Instead of saying we do it all and mark up prices from other sources, we prefer to let you know who is doing what part of the project, and what that cost is. We will only charge for our time managing the project. Openness, Honesty, and Respect for Others Work.

For Designers

If you are a designer, we understand that your talents are with the creation of the site, not to hosting tech stuff. Many times, the maintenance and minor edits can get in the way of newer projects. Like building a house, the archetect and builder design and assemble the house. But they are not going to cut the lawn and repaint the kitchen in a couple years. Their job is to create. Others maintain.

Seven Sages works with designers to make sure we can offer continuing support once the designer has moved on to another project. It is especially helpful that we have a lot of experience with Joomla, which allows a designer to quickly create a website and know the customer is in good hands if they need updates or installations of extensions. (of course, if the designer wants to do the updates and installs, that is fine. We are just here when needed)

Joomla Experts

Perhaps it's better to say Experience with Joomla design & administration, rather than 'expert'. There are too many people claiming to be experts with Joomla and it ends up that they just know how to install it and set it up. That's not expert, that's basic.

A skier is not an 'expert' just because they go down the black diamond. Many amateur skiers try out the double-diamond slopes and make it down safely, but they are not experts. The true expert skiers have complete control of speed and balance, able to transition in an instant to changing conditions no matter what the slope. Ice, Powder, Steeps, Glades, Rocks, Crowds... an expert can traverse with relative ease.

With Joomla, our experience allows us to structure the CMS for effeciency and security, and to troubleshoot plug-in issues. And our experience with many different extensions come help us understand what might work best for a site. SEF, Sitemaps, Tags, Forums? There are different options, some better than others. Some outdated. Some patched. It's important to stay on top of these things, or at least know how and where to find answers. It's never as simple as just 'plug-and-play'.

Why Choose Seven Sages?

Because. Just because.
or not.

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