We make Server Security a priority at Seven Sages.

An insecure server doesn't just risk damage to a specific website. It can damage all sites on the server. It can damage other servers on the web, possibly becoming a spam server, or used to attacked other servers.

We attempt to utilize several protection options, from Firewalls to advanced script detection. The software for the server is kept as up-to-date as possible, for all packages on the server including but not limited to Linux, Apache, PHP, and mySQL.

Individual websites may utilize scripts to create an interactive website, but it is mandatory that the scripts be updated as necessary.

Important Note for FrontPage users
Microsoft has stopped support for their FrontPage software. As such, there are no updates to their FrontPage Extensions coming anytime soon. Due to lack of support and potential for security issues in Microsoft scripts, FrontPage is NOT supported on our servers.

Seven Sages strongly recommends looking into a Content Management System (CMS) like Joomla. There is incredible movement and advances happening in Open Source projects like Joomla. We can help convert your current 'Static HTML' or FrontPage website into Joomla.

Script upgrades

The server will be upgraded periodically as necessary to ensure security. Some security updates may disrupt older scripts running on websites.In the case of simple websites, using Joomla and other 'common' CMS, Seven Sages will upgrade your Joomla script where possible. However, if there are special scripts, extensions, or plugins that require extra attention and installation, charges will be $95/hr. (keeping costs down is of course a priority, and any charges will likely reserved for extensive work)

Old scripts, especially formmail scripts using PHP or cgi, need to be current. Seven Sages will not allow an exploitable formmail script on it's servers. To help prevent our servers from being used as a spam server, we reserve the right to disable the scripts if a solution is not readily available at that time.

If any of your custom, or older PHP scripts do not work, check to see that they are up-to-date and there are no security exploits reported. Also note that PHP on Seven Sages servers are set for 'security' purposes (register_globals=OFF, etc), which may prevent some older scripts from working. If you don't know how to fix it, that simply highlights the danger of using those scripts. Please have it reviewed by us, or your web developer.

The final determination of what constitutes "permitted" is made by Seven Sages, LLC.

Backup of Data

Clients are solely and entirely responsible for backup of all data. Seven Sages, LLC is NOT responsible for files lost or damaged by users. Client-maintained backup of all site files is recommended and should be maintained off-site. System backups are intended to be used in the event of system failures and are not intended to be accessed to restore files to individual sites. A fee of $250 is applicable should a client require any files from our backup systems, and there is no guarantee that the files contained in the backup systems will be the most current copies. Servers at Seven Sages are intended for hosting web files, and are not to be used for backup storage.

Updates, Upgrades, and Patches

Security is a priority, and as such, all known exploits in any/all software shall be patched as soon as possible. Client is responsible for keeping any software on the servers updated and patched. If outdated software is found on a website, Seven Sages, LLC may disable the software or the whole website until the software is updated. Examples of software needing to maintained are CMS (Joomla, Drupal), Blogs (WordPress), Forums (phpBB, SMF, vBulletin), and Shops (ZenCart, osCommerce, xCart). Even some 'simple' scripts may need updating, CGI programs like Guestbook or FormMail. It is the clients responsibility to know what is on their website. Some updates, at the sole descretion of Seven Sages, LLC, may be done automatically by Seven Sages, with no guarantee that a patch will not break the function of something else on the website. Any updates done by Seven Sages may, at times, be billable, dependning on needs.

Upgrades are NOT optional. All software shall be maintained for security integrity.


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